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1st & 6th Chakra - VITALITY & INSIGHT, Shungite GOLDEN RATIO Hawk's Eye Wrist Mala

1st & 6th Chakra - VITALITY & INSIGHT, Shungite GOLDEN RATIO Hawk's Eye Wrist Mala

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This bracelet is made from 8mm beads. It carries energies of the 1st & 6th Chakra - VITALITY & INSIGHT, to remind you of your intention to be strong, live without fear, listen to your intuition, and perceive reality beyond physical senses.

This design is based on the Golden Ratio, a symbol of perfection and proportion. It is meant to help us stay in alignment with it’s inherent properties of harmony, balance and unlimited expansion.

Our Sterling Silver Septagon bead will serve as your talisman.  It carries the strong frequencies of the Number 7 - transformation, growth & protection.

Learn more about SHUNGITE here, and about SHUNGITE's EMF properties here.

    • 8 mm Shungite, Hawk’s Eye
    • 13 mm Argentium plated Sterling Silver ŌM bead & spacers
    • Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.
    • Comes in our Signature Gift Packaging
    • Includes corresponding materials cards
    • Small - up to 7.0”; Medium - up to 7.5”; Large - up to 8.0”
    • Shungite - EMF protection, detox, energy amplifier
    • Hawk’s Eye - clear mind, strong focus, effective decision making
    • Sterling Silver - creativity, emotional intelligence, calmness, reflection

Our jewelry is made with genuine and unaltered natural stones that may vary in colors.

Shungite is a natural mineral with scientifically tested abilities to purify water & air, and guard against harmful EMFs. 

Shungite's complex chemical composition and carbon-based fullerene internal structure are responsible for its amazing properties - the ability to purify water and to detoxify on the physical and subtle energy levels by absorbing toxic energies.

In its unprocessed state Shungite has a matte surface. On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness it is between 3 & 4, making it quite a soft material. Shungite beads are polished to a light shine, with wear they tend to take on a matte appearance. This change does not affect its beneficial energetic properties or the longevity of the beads.

Shungite beads have mineral inclusions (light spots or veins) which are primarily pyrite or iron oxide that naturally occur in Shungite. They contribute to the beauty of each piece making it uniquely yours.

Jewelry Care:  We recommend that you remove your jewelry before showering, bathing or swimming. To clean, gently wipe with a damp cloth.


All materials used in our jewelry are responsibly sourced.
All our Shungite is sourced directly from Karelia, Russia and is tested for authenticity.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. s-s

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