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Phenix Divine

Tibetan Brass Bell - Seven Chakra

Tibetan Brass Bell - Seven Chakra

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* Made from traditional Tibetan formula of 7 metals

* New Hand Made Fair Trade Tibetan  Buddist Bells with Ancient
Blend of MetalsTibetan bell made from brass-based  seven metal
alloy is Perfect for Meditation

* Portable and easy to play meditation bell with long resonating

* Great for daily meditation, yoga, prayer, ritual, altar decoration,
chakra, and sound therapy sessions

* Meditation bells with a perfectly toned sound to synchronize brain waves and enhance awareness of the mind-body connections as a space clearing bell to keep evil spirits away, a dinner bell, desk bell, altar bell, hand call bell, room or shelf décor

*  Sturdy, durable, and lead-free; Won’t fade, rust, or tarnish

* Bell Height: 5.5"  Bell Diameter: 3"
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